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The fastest way your clients can receive documents is for you to have already sent them. 

With WD+ important documents are already accessible on-demand the moment they are created.




Farmer's National Corporation     

Farmer's National manages absentee owner farm properties for over 4000 clients nation wide. 

In the past FNC would send out monthly financial reports to the owners of the farms they managed through traditional mail. FNC started using Web Documents five years ago, now their monthly outgoing mail costs have gone from the thousands to the hundreds even though their client list has been growing. 

FNC uses Web Documents secure distribution for everything from monthly Income & Expense reports to 1099 distribution for each account they have. Web Documents has erased their need for traditional document parcel and helped saved FNC thousands in expenses.   


Spartan Promotions       

Spartan Promotions has hundreds of independent Advertising Account Executives and three satellite offices in Minneapolis, Chicago and Tempe, Arizona. For 35 years Spartan has been creating creative solutions to marketing  challenges which includes promotional products. 

Employees all over the region can access sales and commission reports from anywhere in the country through Web Docs. Before Spartan was sending monthly reports to each of its sales reps through mail. More importantly than this, when one of their largest clients requested detailed product usage and user demographic reports on a daily basis, Web Documents technology made it possible to create reports instantly, without having to hire a support staff to fill this request. Once again saving the company thousands of dollars not only on paper and shipping costs, but human resources as well. 



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