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The fastest way your clients can receive documents is for you to have already sent them. 

With WD+ important documents are already accessible on-demand the moment they are created.





What is WD+?

WD+ is the service Web Documents Inc offers which facilitates the automatic capture, coding and on-demand internet delivery of computer generated documents. 

WD+ works with any internet browser that has a connection to the World Wide Web. The software has been designed to eliminate any geographical barriers during the delivery of information, at a fraction of the cost of mailing or parcel services. 

All documents are secured through multiple level names and passwords, coupled with organizational specific restrictions on retrievals, such as: account number or unique ID. So while the president of a company may have unrestricted access to documents, a client would only be able to view documents pertaining to their own company transactions/information, and an employee would only be able to view his/her own personal documents. 

Each Web Docs client organization has their own personal Web portal that is secured through a secure socket layer (SSL) further protecting sensitive information.


How can Web Documents help your company improve? 


Sales:  24 hour a day customer service

WD+ can allow your sales staff and clients access important transaction documents restricted by their own personal log in ID.  Purchase orders, Receipts, Invoices, or Activity Reports can answer questions and expedite problem resolution without costly delays. All of these documents are stored online by WD+ and are accessible by both outside salespersons and customers simultaneously without having to involve the headquarters staff. 


Human Resources

When your staff is spread across the city, state, continent or world, it is often hard to distribute important personal information.  Payroll deposits, benefit summaries, commission reports, etc., can be captured into WD+ and become available instantly to those individuals with the authority to see them.  If need be, employees can have  as employee applications, W2 reports, Payroll Statements, Merit/Disciplinary Reports, Insurance Information, etc. This saves the human resources department hours upon hours of dealing with employee information on an individual basis. Plus the possibilities for custom applications are nearly endless. 



WD+ will not only automatically archive your new documents but Web Documents Inc also can provide back file scanning service that will eliminate past storage problems and integrate documents with the newly created WD+ files. This provides the same convenience for your old paper documents as well as new files. Your company will not only make your delivery system more efficient, but your labor costs as well. Not to mention what you can do with the office space formerly inhabited by paper document storage. 


Back Up

When disaster strikes in the form of server crash, electrical storm, fire or flood your company can find peace of mind when you realize that WD+ can automatically back up all of your files via remote storage. This is key to getting your business back online as quickly as possible.


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